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Life & Career Transformation For The Modern Professional

Discover – Build  – Transform

I help struggling professionals take back their personal autonomy, improve their self worth and optimize their daily performance.

I empower high performing individuals to better understand themselves, their values & their behavior so we can develop systems to achieve greater levels of self-mastery.

I help anyone looking to achieve better performance across all aspects of their life.

Tobias Edwards

It’s simple. You’ve arrived to my page because you are seeking something more. I found myself seeking the same thing for the past decade. I spent the last 10 years working for mega corporations, mid-size firms and Silicon Valley startups. True fulfillment always seemed just out of reach. Your answers won’t be solved by finding the next ‘dream job’ or getting another 10% increase on your salary. True fulfillment begins & ends with you: finding out who you really are & building towards the future you were meant to have. Whether that means finally pursuing that hobby, launching your own business or doubling down on your current job… I will work with you 1:1 to make sure you achieve Transformation. With the help of Organizational Psychologists & veteran performance coaches, I’ve developed a program to Discover the most important aspects of who you are, Build a bulletproof plan & then guide you along the path of Transformation. My passion is to serve that purpose.

You Don't Have To Be Another Statistic

The world and workforce has changed. Companies have not been able to adapt. You and you alone control your own outcome.

Gallup Employee Engagement Survey 2022

MetLife’s 20th Annual U.S. Employee Benefit Trends Study 2022

The Program: Radical Optimization


Using a set of advanced psychometric and behavior-based solutions, we will uncover your personal truth, unique value system & the personality markers most important for you to understand.


I'll work with you 1:1 to develop a personalized Life Strategy & set of guiding principles that will define the next phase of your life. We will then further define your goals & the habits to take you there.


Using a personalized platform, we will track your progress over the course of the next 3 months to hold one another accountable, drive real results and empower you to truly transform into your best self.


Life Strategy & Goal Mapping

Once we have developed an understanding of who you are, your values & motivations – we can begin to craft our Strategic Statement. Everything: your goals, habits, behaviors will stem from having a deeply rooted Life Strategy. Think of your Strategy as the map of your life’s territory. Your goals are the points you plot out on the map. You can’t get from A to B without an accurate map.

Personality & Values Profiling

Everything begins with Self-Discovery. The most successful people know themselves. We uncover your Personality & unique markers of your Personal Value System. We use this data to discuss you, your strengths, weaknesses and where we will focus our efforts to craft the next stage of our journey together.

Habit Tracking & Accountability

We’ve uncovered your personal truth, built a bulletproof strategy and now it’s time to execute. We will input our daily, weekly & monthly habits into our Habit Tracker platform (accessible via web/mobile) and spend the next 30 days tracking your progress. It takes 30 days to create a habit and 90 days to develop a lifestyle. 

Choose Your Plan


Personalized, Proven, Transformative
$ 750
one time
  • Personality & Values Assessment
  • Life Strategy & Goal Mapping Workbook
  • Personal Development Plan
  • 3-pack 1:1 Virtual Coaching (1-hr each)
  • 30-day Habit Tracking w/ Goalify
Best Value


Speed, Value, Results
$ 400
one time
  • Personality & Values Assessment
  • Life Strategy & Goal Mapping Workbook
  • 1-hour Virtual Coaching

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